TCHRS listserv (fall 2019 update, by Jane Jackson)

TCHRS listserv is for useful information for/by Arizona physics and chemistry teachers in high school and post-secondary. You can post on events, professional development, grants, job openings, news, & regulations that affect us.  (No discussions, to avoid cluttering inboxes. E-mail me at if you have a discussion question, and I will help you find the right people to discuss it with. ) 


Post to: . I moderate it, so be patient if I’m slow to get to it, in the crush of many e-mails that I get daily.


TCHRS is private. I subscribe everyone to plain text digest, unless they tell me that they want a different choice. Below is how you can easily change your subscription.


3 subscription choices:

    1)  Get each email as it is posted (called MAIL or STANDARD: typically one post each day or two). The subject line of each post begins with [tchrs], thus you can easily identify its source.


    2 and 3) DIGEST. Get only ONE e-mail each week: a list of subject headings of posts in that week, and the texts (no attachments).  Two choices: "digest plain text format” or “digest MIME”. It comes on Tuesday mornings around 9am. 

     [Hint: Digest MIME works beautifully on iphones and on ASU’s gmail on iMacs -- it looks great!  However, it doesn’t work with my ASU Microsoft Outlook, nor with my e-mail on my iMac computer, so I must use the PLAIN TEXT digest, which looks messier.]


How to change your subscription (e.g., how to get 1 email/week: DIGEST: plain text or MIME -- or get each post as it is posted: MAIL):


a) If you lack time, ask me to do it for you.


b) If you have time, send an email to .

In the message line:

    i)  To get a plain text digest, type this:  SET tchrs DIGESTPLAIN

    ii) To get a MIME digest (looks better, but doesn’t work on Microsoft Outlook, etc.), type this:

          SET tchrs DIGEST

    iii) To get each post as it is posted, type this: SET tchrs MAIL

Leave the body of the e-mail blank.


c) If you have plenty of time:


Look in the upper RIGHT-HAND corner, and click on  <Don't have a NetID?>

Then choose a password.

Then you’ll get an e-mail, which asks you to verify your password.

Then you can log on to the TCHRS website, and change your subscription, read the archive, etc.

It is easy, but takes time.  (Write down your password somewhere, for later reference.)


If nothing works, ask me to do it for you.

More info at this URL: (at the bottom of that webpage).


Note:  If you subscribe to more than one listserv from the University of Arizona (e.g., AZSELA, TAPT, UA-Announce),  you can change your subscription options  to ANY of your listservs (e.g., get no mail when on vacation), or unsubscribe -- all from the above webpage.


Instructions for more commands, including how to get no mail while on vacation, and how to unsubscribe, are at 



TO SEARCH the TCHRS archive for the past year:  Visit the URL for TCHRS listserv:   BOOKMARK IT, for later reference.

Same procedure to log on: In the upper right-hand corner, click on <Don't have a NetID?>


Other UA listservs of interest to Arizona science teachers:

AZSELA: for AZ K-12 science coordinators. Barry Roth manages it. .

TAPT: for physics teachers (high school and TYC) within commuting distance of Tucson. Karie Meyers manages it. .

UA-announce: info on events & PD for k-12 science teachers statewide, but focusing on Tucson.  Ellie Warder manages it. .