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Spring 2005 Meeting Announcement

Spring 2005 Agenda

Driving Directions to
Phoenix Mission Science Operations Center

Spring 2005 Meeting Agenda

AzAAPT Spring Meeting
April 2, 2005

The Spring meeting of the Arizona Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers is Saturday, April 2 and is open to all teachers. The meeting will be held at the Phoenix Mission Science Operations Center.

We are currently accepting nominations of high school seniors who intend to pursue a career in science. The Arnold G. Meister Book Award was established by the Arizona Section in 1997 to honor Arnold G. Meister for his outstanding contribution to education and particularly physics in the state of Arizona. All nominations must be received by one of the executive board members before March 30th and can be e-mailed to Ingrid Novodvorksy .
8:30 AM Registration - coffee, juice, bagels, fruit
Executive Committee Meeting
8:55 Welcome -Doug Lombardi, Education and Public Outreach Manager
Phoenix Mars Mission
9:00-10:00 The Phoenix Mars Mission: An Update from the Principal Investigator
Peter Smith
10:15-10:45 Science by Sailboat: Blue Jay Fleet 68 is Calling for Captains
John Pattison, Former UA & PCC Physics Instructor;
Member, International Blue Jay Class Association, Fleet 68
10:45-11:30 A Physicist looks at the Human Body and at Cooking:
Calculations, Demonstrations and Experiments
Roderick M. Grant, Professor Emeritus, Denison University, Granville, Ohio
11:30-12:00 Business Meeting
12:00-1:15 Lunch Break
1:15-1:45 Tour of Phoenix Mars Mission Center
Doug Lombardi
1:45-2:45 Electronic Portfolios
David Weaver, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
2:45-3:45 How to Shine Like the Star You Are: Successful Strategies for Physics-based Careers*
Alaina G. Levine, Director of Special Projects, UA College of Science
President, Quantum Success Solutions
3:45 Summary, Closing and Certificate distribution

Thank you to our host, Doug Lombardi, for your work in organizing the meeting.

*This interactive and humor-filled workshop will address key professional skills which will help physics teachers and physics students succeed in whatever scientific-based career they choose. Participants in this unique and innovative workshop, designed specifically for the physics teacher, will learn and practice strategic skills such as communication, networking, contact management, and partnering with a mentor, which are crucial to advancing in the job market and beyond, and they will discover how to master and employ them to lead to professional triumph. You will discover how to empower yourself, and the strategy and importance of getting noticed for your physics talents by not only your boss and colleagues, but others as well, especially your boss's boss and other VIPs. We will also discuss the concept of a brand (which is simply a promise), and how to build and promote the brand that is YOU by establishing yourself as a leader and an expert in your area of knowledge and ability. Finally, you will be able to impart the knowledge that you learn at this workshop to your students to enable their own success, as well as yours.