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Spring 2005 Meeting Announcement

Spring 2005

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Spring 2005 Meeting Announcement

      Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 2.  That is the day of the Spring Meeting of the Arizona Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers. The Spring meeting will be hosted by Doug Lombardi, Education and Public Outreach Manager for NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission at the Phoenix Mission Science Operations Center.

If you have never attended an AzAAPT meeting in the past, we welcome and encourage you to attend.  AzAAPT meetings are a great place to: 

  1. learn practical teaching methods 
  2. gain new knowledge and understanding of physics topics 
  3. participate in a helpful network of physics teachers 
  4. catch up on the latest happenings of long-time physics colleagues and friends 
  5. commiserate about the difficulties and celebrate the successes that physics teaching has to offer 
  6. share physics teaching ideas and demos, and 
  7. receive a certificate that can be applied toward hours needed to renew your teaching certificate. 

We hope you will all attend. 

For questions, comments and additions contact Ingrid Novodvorsky.