AzSTEP is dedicated to mobilizing science and engineering resources in Arizona universities to improve the quality and popularity of science in Arizona schools. It is headquartered at ASU with affiliates at UA and NAU.

AzSTEP Mission:

AzSTEP Partners

  1. University Partners maintain a sustained professional development program for inservice science teachers. This includes a graduate program for physics teachers with summer courses on science pedagogy and contemporary science. For details about the research-based science pedagogy promoted by AzSTEP, see the Modeling Instruction Program.

  2. AzSTEP has organized physics teachers into a statewide network of Local Physics Alliances (LPAs) for mutual support and collaboration in the improvement of curriculum and instruction. All physics teachers are invited to join. AzSTEP cultivates the LPAs to serve schools as a professional community of experts in science teaching with technology.
  3. School and School District Partners collaborate with AzSTEP on planning, implementing and evaluating a systematic program to upgrade science teaching with technology. See Guidelines.

  4. Business and Industry Partners are encouraged to sponsor a technology-rich physics classroom for every high school in the state.


AzSTEP Overview:

AzSTEP coordinates resources of three major partners (first row in Figure) to maintain a rich offering of professional development Workshops and graduate courses for inservice teachers (third row) that feed reform into the classrooms (fourth row). The Modeling Research Group (second row) is the engine driving curriculum and pedagogical reform.







Evaluation: AzSTEP maintains a data base on physics teachers, facilities & equipment, and student performance on validated tests of physics understanding to describe the current state of physics education in Arizona and evaluate efforts to improve it. See Research &Evaluation.

AzSTEP Location and Personnel

AzSTEP is a component of the ASU Center for Research in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (CRESMET) It is located in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

For more information about AzSTEP contact:

Jane Jackson, AzSTEP Co-Director (480) 965-8438

AzSTEP has faculty sponsors in the physics department at each of Arizona's universities:


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