Oct. 2006

letter from the parent of a ninth grader in the pre-algebra course of Jo Anne Magden at Paradise Valley High School. Jo Anne Magden is one of three experienced math teachers who are piloting Cognitive Instruction in Mathematical Modeling (CIMM) in pre-algebra (the version called Cognition Ignition, nicknamed the dot curriculum), developed by Dr. Rob MacDuff. The course is entitled "Making Math make Sense".



> Jo Anne Magden

> Math Department

> Paradise Valley High School


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> You know she actually enjoys math right now. For the last 4 or so 

> years, we have had full out battles at home with math books flying, 

> calculators being thrown etc during homework. She has HATED math 

> because she has never ever understood it. She is a visual learner 

> and no matter what I/we did with her she could not do it. She has 

> had 3 different tutors over the summers as well. (-------------- was 

> one of them). She would never order fast food (by herself)  because 

> she could not add things up in her head and know if she had enough 

> money with her.


> I have been so so proud of her new attitude change in math. She 

> seems to get whatever it is you are doing there. She even added 

> something up in the car the other day and blew me away. (I almost 

> had to pull over) I am equally proud of her high grade in math as 

> well. I hope she continues with some success in your class the rest 

> of this semester and I hope (although not sure) she has you for a 

> teacher again next semester.


[Name withheld for courtesy because permission hasn’t been sought to reveal it]