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If frustration can be the mother of invention, then that is how Physics Practicums were born. Hank Ryan, then a new physics teacher at Minnesota’s Mounds View High School, simply hated chapter test reviews. “These chapter reviews took exciting concepts and just flattened them,” Hank says. “I wanted kids to understand that physics concepts are a real live part of their world—and that they dictate how the world behaves. I wanted to show them that physics can be experienced. That it’s something they can see with their eyes, feel with their hands—and something they could learn to predict.”

Hank Ryan put the book on the web, in pdf; download it for FREE at the Physics Force website:


order form (2nd edition, Nov. 2008, Edited by Michael Crofton, 33 physics practicums. You can still order it in 2016; same cost.)

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