ASU Logistics and the Application Process

ASU is in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the nation. Sky Harbor Airport is a 10 minute drive, and summer air fare and rental cars can be inexpensive. The Grand Canyon is a 4-hour drive. Cool mountains with pine forests, rugged wilderness, and campgrounds are a couple of hours away.The temperature in Tempe is typically 105 degrees in June, but it’s a dry heat. All buildings are air-conditioned and modern. Although ASU’s four campuses have over 80,000 students during the academic year, the Tempe campus is quiet in summer, with ample parking.

Travel (irrelevant in summer 2020).
Southwest Airlines has round-trip sales from all of their airport locations in the nation. Visit their website and subscribe to their weekly email alert. Other airlines may match their sale fares. STA Travel Agency has discounted prices for teachers. They were formerly located at ASU and at many universities nationwide. Allegiant Airlines has low-cost flights from many smaller cities to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport ( -- however, it is a considerably longer drive from that airport to the ASU Tempe campus.
-- The airport shuttle or cab costs about $20 (+tip). An occasional teacher chooses to take the city bus (Route #40, eastbound), which costs $1.75 one way. Everything is within walking distance of campus. Several city bus lines go by the campus (FLASH, ORBIT, Metro). Two light rail stops are next to campus ( Teachers like to rent cars on weekends and go in groups to the Grand Canyon, old Indian ruins, tubing down the river, etc. Since summer is the slow time (no tourists), cars can be rented inexpensively fi you negotiate locally.

How to apply for Non-Degree Graduate study at ASU:
You must apply to ASU for summer if you are not enrolled in spring semester at ASU.

This is easy, but earlier is better (as of 2020 in the coronavirus pandemic, when ASU fears losing student enrollment).
-- First, apply online to ASU. You are NOT required to submit transcripts, test scores, grade averages, or letters of recommendation. (ASU charges a $70 application fee; since the economic downturn in 2008 it is no longer free to K-12 teachers.) No late application fee, since our courses do not follow the standard ASU summer course schedule but instead are "dynamically dated"'.

Apply at (copy/paste into your browser): Indicate NON-DEGREE on the application! Fill out the Residency section completely, to prevent mistakes by ASU, which can be very time-consuming to fix. We are in The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, in Tempe.

Credit Card Only – since 2011, all Graduate College online applications require fee payment by credit card only at the time the application is submitted. Applicants no longer have an option to pay later by check or cash.

(Note: If you've previously been an ASU student and you've forgotten your password and/or ASURITE ID, call the ASU help desk: 480-965-6500. Ask the human being to FAX you a form so that you can change your computer password on MY ASU. You'll need to FAX back your drivers license or similar proof of identity.)

(Irrelevant in summer 2020. MMR verification is waived, because courses are remote learning.) ASU must receive your application and immunization verification before ASU will allow you to register for a course. If you were born after Dec. 31, 1956, you must give proof of two vaccinations of measles (rubeola) and rubella, at least one of which must have been given after Dec. 31, 1979. You can download the MMR immunization form at this URL (copy/paste it into your web browser): . Submit it to the ASU Student Health Center. (FAX: 480-965-8914; P.O. Box 872104, Tempe AZ 85287-2104).
-- After 48 hours, you can confirm that Student Health has received the correct information by visiting the main ASU website and logging on to My ASU (at the top), and clicking on "Check Your Registration Eligibility Status". If immunization information is missing, you will receive a message about what you must still provide.
-- If you have been a student at NAU, follow this procedure to transfer your MMR records to ASU: After ASU has accepted you (you will get an email from ASU, with a 10-digit ID number): Call the NAU immunization office (at 928-523-6359) and ask them to FAX your MMR records to the ASU Health Center at Tempe, at 480-965-8914). (Or they can mail your records, but FAX is easiest & quickest.) Tell the NAU staff what your ASU 10-digit ID number is. (For the University of Arizona, call 520-621-2384.)
-- Rubeola immunity is all that is needed at the 3 Arizona public universities. (In 2016 a rubeola titre cost $35 and a MMR shot cost $67 at the ASU Student Health Center.)

How to register for your summer course:
Registering for courses is EASY & QUICK! Course registration starts in mid-February. Register using MyASU, at .
-- As of 2020, try to register early (because ASU canceled low-enrollment summer courses in early April 2020, due to fear of losing money in the coronavirus pandemic. We found it time-consuming to get some summer courses re-instated.)
-- Before 2020, we advised teacher to register after May 18. If you register for courses before a fixed date in mid-May, you must pay by mid-May, or else you'll be put on an automated Tuition Installment Plan and charged a sizable fee. (For example: In 2017, if you registered for our summer courses after May 18, your tuition was due on June 25. If you registered after June 18, your tuition was due on July 25. That was good news if your school was reimbursing you!)
-- For tuition payment deadline dates, copy/paste this URL into your browser: . Click on "summer..." Beware: this is confusing!

You must register for your course at least 7 days before it begins, to avoid a $50 late registration fee.
-- For online payment information, copy/paste this URL into your browser: Or google the ASU REGISTRAR WEBSITE.

Our PHS graduate courses are listed online (and on the physics department webpages, and this MNS website, of course).

To find ASU tuition and fees, visit . Click on "Tuition and fees schedules", etc.

How to apply to the Master of Natural Science (MNS) Degree Program in Physics
Try to submit all of your MNS degree application documents by April 15, for courtesy to physics faculty who review applications.

If you live out-of-state and are in one of the 15 WICHE states, submit your 2 applications (for MNS degree and for in-state tuition) before April 1.

  1. As of Dec. 2005, the MNS application is online. You must apply to the ASU Graduate College, which costs $70. To start the process, visit . Select the Physics MNS degree program. As of 2013, you need NOT take the GRE general exam -- so leave the exam date BLANK. If you have a problem, call the graduate admissions staff at 480-965-6113. To fill out the application, you need to know your undergraduate GPA and your junior-senior GPA.

    Below is an overview of the rest of the process. Please read the official ASU instructions carefully, in case the procedure becomes updated without our knowing it. The purpose for this overview is to give you an idea of what's involved, and to help you speed up the process.
  2. If you have application questions that pertain to the Department of Physics, ask the MNS degree Coordinator, Araceli Vizcarra , in the Physics Dept. office at 480-965-3561.

    Your application isn't complete until ASU has received official transcripts from all the colleges you've attended, 2 letters of recommendation, and proof of 2 measles shots. Check with the MNS degree coordinator periodically, to make sure documents that you sent were received and were filed correctly.

  3. Sometime during the process, you must submit OFFICIAL transcripts to the Graduate College. Official transcripts must be sent directly from another college or university to the ASU Graduate College (or else you can submit them in sealed envelopes which are stamped and verified by the issuing college or university). The universities charge you a fee for them.

  4. If you were born after Dec. 31, 1956, you must give proof of two vaccinations of measles (rubeola). See above, in the non-degree paragraphs.

  5. Don't delay! for you can apply only up to 12 ASU (or 12 transfer) non-degree graduate semester hours to your MNS degree before the time when you've submitted official transcripts, etc. and have been formally admitted by the Graduate College to the MNS degree program.

    A committee in the ASU Dept. of Physics will review your application. "Once a decision to accept has been agreed upon, the Graduate College is contacted, and the student will receive separate communications indicating acceptance from both the Graduate College and the Department."

Questions? ask Jane Jackson.

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