25 modeling-friendly physics labs!


As of summer 2016, you can freely download 25 modeling-friendly physics labs/activities by Dwain Desbien and Tom Okuma, at


They were developed at writing conferences as part of the ATE Project for Physics Faculty. These conferences brought two-year college (TYC) and high school (HS) physics teachers together to write, test in their classrooms and provide feedback to the project PIÕs. The 25 activities have been the most tested and have the widest applicability to courses that TYC and HS teachers teach.


 These labs/activities were not written to necessarily fill a typical 3-hour lab time slot. Some may only take an hour and some will span over several class periods. For most of them, there are instructor notes.



Note:  Expert modeler Dwain Desbien, Estrella Mountain Community College, was a Principal Investigator of this NSF grant, along with Tom O'Kuma of Lee College near Houston, Texas.

    Dwain Desbien contributed MANY instructional resources for Modeling Instruction in college physics or AP (algebra-based & calculus-based). You can download them at



Or visit the ASU modeling legacy website: http://modeling.asu.edu . Click on "Remodeling University Physics", then on "resources".


 DwainÕs doctoral dissertation, on modeling discourse management, is at http://modeling.asu.edu/Projects-Resources.html .