On 8/24/17, Sharon Lawson, the physics teacher at Bourgade Catholic HS in Phoenix, wrote:


Jane, I just had to share this with you. I have been wanting to do this for years, and finally got the chance.


Instead of having a "Meet the Teacher Night," we had a curriculum night at Bourgade last night. I used some info from the modeling website to put together a 7-slide presentation on what modeling was all about for the parents. These included an overview, awards, testimonies from other modeling teachers, and students, and a description of the modeling cycle.


Before I began that portion of the presentation, one of the other science teachers filled a paint can with methane (the coffee can demo from chemistry modeling) and lit it. About the time I finished the power points, the paint can exploded. Another teacher went into what we ask the students to do on the whiteboards, after the explosion.


We did this for 5 groups of parents, and my classroom was packed. We even had other staff members and administrators coming in to see it. The parents were all talking about it, and I got tremendous feedback from my admin.




Sharon added later:

Curriculum night was about 90 minutes. Each group was about 20 minutes. Parents rotated through all the core subject areas. English, history, math, & science were featured. Some parents were disappointed that PE & theology weren't represented. However, we think most parents came away happy with science, and how their kids are being taught.


She contributed her 7-slide Powerpoint presentation. Download it (and modify) at