Findings of the Modeling Workshop Project (pdf: 1994-2000)
This is one section in the Final Report submitted to the National Science Foundation in fall 2000 for the Teacher Enhancement grant entitled Modeling Instruction in High School Physics. David Hestenes, Professor of Physics at Arizona State University, was Principal Investigator.
   Enlarged graphs, for easier readability: view download

Modeling Instruction in physics has a large effect size, 0.9, as measured by the Force Concept Inventory. pdf

Findings of the ASU Summer Graduate Program for Physics Teachers (pdf: 2002-2006)
- a section in the Final Report submitted to the NSF in 2006, by David Hestenes and Jane Jackson

Articles on Modeling Instruction

Doctoral Dissertations and Masters Degree Theses

Modeling Instruction compared with traditional instruction (a list of references with URLs). View or download

Evaluation Instruments

FCI (Force Concept Inventory

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Articles about the FCI

Relevant FCI articles by other researchers

Assessss spreadsheet and a google form, to enter student FCI data

1) ASSESSSSS: Visit the AMTA website to download assessss.xls (>10MB) (It is under the Modeling Works! tab.) It includes the Lawson Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning (CTSR). You can analyze the FCI and the TUG-K2 by clusters (i.e., subcategory: by each of the 6 dimensions of the force concept).

ASSESSSS is an Excel spreadsheet that can provide individual and entire class item analysis, especially helpful after pre-testing to determine instructional focus areas. It is is preset for the Force Concept Inventory (FCI), Test for Understanding Graphs in Kinematics (TUG-K2), Mechanics Baseline Test (MBT), and it has additional answer keys for Energy Concept Inventory (ECI) and the Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism (CSEM). This instrument was developed by Professor Jamie Vesenka, Department of Chemistry and Physics, University of New England.

2) Template for a simple google form to electronically collect student responses to the FCI (using paper copies). (Copy the template into your google account.)

MBT (Mechanics Baseline Test)

Article describing MBT

Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP)

  • RTOP evaluation instrument (5 pages)
  • RTOP history, research, & results (I have the 200-page research publication at ASU in print and pdf. E-mail for it.)
  • RTOP training guide (10 pages)
  • RTOP reference manual (44 pages)
  • (weblink) RTOP online training
  • RTOP Self-Assessment : a guide for science and math teachers to reflect upon their teaching, by Drew Isola.
  • Teachers who use Modeling Instruction & join the AMTA can download a Modeling Implementation Rubric at the AMTA website .

    VASS (Views About Sciences Survey)

    For VASS versions after 2004 and for R& D by Ibrahim Halloun, please visit Dr. Halloun's web site .

    Other concept inventories in science and math. (See also these three modeling web pages: Resources for the modeling classroom, ASU summer graduate program for teachers of the physical sciences, and Weblinks for modelers )

    Evaluations of Modeling Instruction and Other Programs

    Taxonomies of Student Conceptions by David Hestenes and Ibrahim Halloun

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