COMPILATION:  Compilation Importance


Date:    Tue, 8 Jun 2010

From:    Suzi Shoemaker

Subject: Compilation Importance

    I am currently knee deep in modeling digest posts from the past year and am creating compilations of the threads.  Jane has asked me to post to the listserv to find out if these compilations are helpful to you.  So if you are willing to help us out please respond to this post or email me personally answers to the following questions:

1)  Do you value the compilations currently available on the web site?

2)  Were you aware that the compilations existed?

3)  If you have used the compilations in the past how were they useful (or not) to you?  Your colleagues?


Date:  Tue, 8 June 2010

From:  Kris Troha

     I used the compilations a lot during my first 2 years of modeling.  They were great for answering basic questions that have already been thought of and discussed, and it keeps them off the current listserv.  I currently just read the daily messages unless there is a specific topic I need help on.  About 2 months ago I was reading the AP Physics compilation.


Date:    Wed, 9 Jun 2010

From:    Kim Sciarrone

     Do you value the compilations currently available on the web site? YES

     Were you aware that the compilations existed? YES, though I always have trouble finding them.  A more prominent, easy to locate link would be helpful.

     I’ve used them to rework/refine my units as I go through the year.  Reading all the energy posts for example to decide how I might change/improve the unit before I start.

Date:    Wed, 9 Jun 2010
From:    Marc Price Reif
    Modeling Compilations are highly valued by me.  I save them in the folders for relevant units and refer to them frequently.  In fact, in planning for a workshop next week, I read several of them yesterday.
     Please post compilations!


Date:  Wed, 9 Jun 2010

From:  Guinals-Kupperman Seth

So helpful!! :)  (Especially if you could make one on the FCI for this past academic year...)

Date:  9 June 2010

From:  Bob Warzeski

     I do use them, although I occasionally end up doing an archive search too.   Those take a long time to weed through, and then there’s dealing with formatting issues so they don't take up twice the space they need to.   So, yes, having more of the topics pulled together in compilations is very useful.