The impact is illustrated by these responses on the evaluation of the ASU mechanics modeling workshop in summer 2006. (Mechanics is the first physics workshop in the series). Teachers' classroom experience ranged from none to 30 years.


QUESTION: In what ways, if any, has the workshop affected your views about physics and/or physics education?   



* I no longer have any illusions that in the past I successfully taught my students the necessary concepts of physics. 


* We need to teach students and teachers with modeling to understand physics.


* I understand physics much better now.  Before, I was full of misconceptions/preconceptions, the ones we read about.  Very few of them got corrected, even though I taught this last year (but from a traditional text, in a traditional way.)  I also believe now that teachers DO need training.  Before, I didn’t think so.


* I knew there was a better way to teach physics, and this is it.


* My views did a total 180 degrees.


* I have a greater appreciation for physics.


* Modeling is the way to go!!


* It confirmed what I was thinking in general but put those nebulous thoughts into a coherent whole.


* It has given me a renewed drive to instruct.  I can see how to present concepts and guide students towards the proper understanding of the information and concepts.


* I want to lecture a lot less and incorporate whiteboards. Home Depot, here I come!


* I better understand the connection between students having correct conceptions and dialogue/discussion.


* I know how to implement a constructivist approach.


* Shown that less emphasis on problem-solving and more on conceptual foundations can be a good thing.


* It has offered a very rich pedagogy.  Before that, we had only vague ideas on how to promote inquiry-based learning.


* Reinforced things I’ve learned from my personal discovery and research of PER this past year.


* It showed me that physics should be taught as a continuous process, not in pieces.


* I can see a well-structured, coherent inquiry-based curriculum rather than a series of unconnected activities — much more effective!


* I’m now in favor and understand why physics first can be effective.


* It has given me new direction and hope for the future of our country's scientific endeavors.