Success Stories about Modeling Instruction:

by teachers, their students, the press





·               School-wide implementation of Modeling Instruction in science

Barry Walker at Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, AL (fall 2008)

Jim Stankevitz at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School in Wheaton, IL


·               Measured achievement in high school

Integrated math and physics in 9th grade in urban Phoenix public school pdf

AP, SAT-II, and FCI data and comments by teachers

TIMSS grade 12 physics and scientific literacy (NSF study of six physics reforms, 2000)
Physics First in a small town in Kansas pdf


·               Measured achievement in middle school

 Huge gains on eighth grade state math test in urban Phoenix public school (2007) doc


·               Student success in college and career

Kelli Gamez Warble in rural Arizona: her former students’ careers in science & engineering
Modeling Instruction prepares students very well for college

·               Students become science-literate and prepared for daily life

Teachers' testimony: relevance, intelligent discourse, critical thinking   pdf


·               Letters to policy makers and the press, on the benefits of Modeling Instruction

Modeling Instruction is a high-achieving science program: letters to NASSMC in 2007

21st century skills: letters to Washington Post Education columnist, Jay Mathews, by Nicholas Park, Matt Greenwolfe, and several more (2008)

21st century skills: letters to Washington Post Education columnist, Jay Mathews by Russ Shaffer and Barry Walker (2009)
STEM teachers need professional development funding (letters to BHEF in 2005)
Modeling Instruction is Best Practice: letter to Gates Foundation by Matt Greenwolfe (2009) 9/29


·               Teacher satisfaction

Unsolicited testimonials from teachers worldwide (2004 to 2009)

Effect of mechanics modeling workshop on physics teachers (2006)

Effect of first chemistry modeling workshop on chemistry teachers (2006)
AP physics and modeling instruction
The modeling listserv is valuable
Modeling listserv compilations are useful 9/29


·               Teacher retention

Modeling Instruction saves teachers’ careers: quotes by modelers


·               Pre-service teachers

Pre-service teachers value Modeling Instruction



·               9th grade physics

Metro Phoenix success: public schools




·               High school students

Essay by a Kansas high school senior (2003)

Essay by a North Carolina high school senior (2008)


·               College students

Letters from college students to their high school physics teacher download





·               Newspaper articles about teachers, their classes, and students

Michael Crofton, Minneapolis, MN

David Hestenes and the Modeling Instruction Program at Arizona State University   

       2 articles   ASU Insight(newspaper) - (Feb. 23, 2007)
ASU's summer graduate program for HS physics teachers (2009: Physics Flash)
Tennessee Modeling Workshops in summer 2010
Matt Greenwolfe, Cary NC (2010)

ASU Modeling Instruction (2014) -- 2 newspaper articles on The Boeing Company's financial support



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