Support Currently Available

For Casio's EA100 Data Collector

  1. General Product Specs for the EA100 and links to Vernier's website:


  2. A complete output/code translation for the EA100 to trigger the Vernier probes. Access this page if you want to correlate the EA100 channel signal commands to the CBL channel signal commands.

        Code Translation

  3. Program link for the Macintosh, FA-122,  Allows for transmission of information from the Calculator to the Computer.

        FA-122 for Mac

  4. A Program (Alpha.exe) that allows you to directly connect the EA100 to a PC after data has been collected. The data is brought in as tab delimited format, and then can be used in Vernier Graphical Analysis, as well as in Spreadsheets.
    FA-122 for Windows is also Available from this page. A program called Filter.exe translates Casio Calculator List files to Tab Delimited files to be used with spreadsheets and Vernier's Graphical Analysis.

       Alpha.exe and Other Programs

  5. A page of programs (about 40)  to drive the Vernier Probes from the 9850 graphing calculator. Casiolab is a program that is similar to Chembio and Physics. (the number 99 needs to be entered on the calculator to "view the listing of probes")

       Casiolab and other Programs for Vernier Probes

  6. 5 Documents to get you started with the EA100,  and about 100 activities as well. These are all in PDF format so you will need Acrobat Viewer to view them.

       Getting Started Documents and Activities

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