Sept. 19, 2013: a post to modeling listservs by Joe Kremer.


The 180 blog aggregating site that Fran Poodry sent out a few weeks ago  is now up and running, with 13 physics and chemistry modelers from around the country blogging daily!! Come check out the site at .


As you browse the site, look for posts to "Recommend to Others". These recommendations will be stored so that they're easier for you and other to find. Visitors to the site can select a category or search for combinations of terms, then select "Sort By: Most Recommended" to view the most popular posts first. When you recommend a post, you're making the site more useful

for everyone else in the long run, so it pays to be generous with your recommendations.


The site is still in a beta phase, so there are some bugs left to work out - if you see a picture that doesn't seem to fit with the post, or a post that's mysteriously blank, that means you found a bug! We're hoping to have these kinks worked out within the next few weeks, so please be patient. (If

anyone wants to volunteer to help debug, please get in touch with Joe or Fran!)


Each participant is maintaining their own blog, and you're encouraged to browse these personal blogs and leave comments. These participants are the people who responded in the original survey that they'd like to be involved, but we hope to run the site year after year with new participants every year.


If you'd like to contribute an individual post but you're not participating for an entire year, you can post by email to a public blog at . These posts are subject to moderation, but anything remotely related to teaching will be accepted. Instructions

for posting are on the "Post by Email" tab of the site.