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Participant directory for 2001 and 2002 can be found here.
Want to see images from 2001? Click here.

Course outlines that were given during the workshop are:
First Semester Outline

Second Semester Outline

Energy Tools describe system schemas, energy pie charts and bar charts, and energy vs. distance graphs.

A listing of course resource materials we use is here.
(updated in 2010)

Videos of Modeling Classrooms:
The video of classes using modeling discourse management is in three parts. These use QuickTime 4 which can be downloaded for free here. These files are large, so please be patient:
Part 1
(14.1MB): Eric seeding a group and Mike leading a group discussion.
Part 2
(5.1MB): CGCC students working a problem for a Test (Celebration of Knowledge).
Part 3
(14.8MB): More seeding and Eric leading a discussion.

2001 Evaluation and Results:
First year project activities: In pdf format and in word format

First year project findings: In pdf format and in word format

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