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Remodeling Workshops:
Our experience with the high-school modeling workshops taught us that the techniques of modeling instruction cannot be learned from written materials, but must be experienced in a workshop.

Workshop participants are actively engaged in collaborative learning in a technology-rich, studio format.

They learn to organize the content in a university physics course around a small set of models ("remodeling"), with fundamental principals as a blueprint.  Special emphasis is placed on energy storage and transfer as a unifying thread throughout the entire curriculum.

They practice effective new techniques for discourse management in the classroom, moving away from a Socratic "student-teacher" approach to a "student-student" approach in which meaning and knowledge are constructed collaboratively.

Participants experience the curriculum and classroom style from both a teacher's point of view and a student's point of view.

Short workshops may be held, depending on funding. Contact Dwain Desbien.

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