An open letter to Arizona physics and chemistry teachers in high school and community college:


Would you like me to  subscribe you to TCHRS, the listserv for Arizona physics and chemistry teachers/faculty?


Most physics teachers choose to get each email as it is posted.  (Typically one each day.)


However, if  you are inundated with e-mail, you could choose to get ONE e-mail each week:  on Tuesday mornings. It is a DIGEST: a list of all the subject headings posted in the previous week, with the actual email below.


Please reply to jane.jackson@asu.edu .

  * Tell me if you would rather get a weekly digest.

  * Tell me what e-mail address to use.



Ingrid Novodvorsky, Physics at the U of A, and I maintain TCHRS.  I have managed it for 20 years.

Of course it's FREE.


TCHRS is a good venue for keeping informed about

* local and statewide events for physics & chemistry teachers/faculty,

* teaching job openings in chemistry and physics,

* grant opportunities,

* our ASU summer graduate program for teachers of physics and chemistry, and

* groups for high school & TYC science teachers: STEMtchrsPhx, and AZ-AAPT.


Occasionally teachers post on topics of concern to the physics & chemistry community.


TCHRS has over 1000 subscribers, including many high school physics, chem, & physical science teachers; several  ASU, NAU, and U of A physics & astronomy faculty,  100 physics/astronomy & chemistry faculty at community colleges, and several at private colleges. A few middle school science teachers subscribe too; they are typically leaders.


TCHRS is entirely private (not published); you never get any SPAM. Your e-mail address remains private, too.


In sum, TCHRS is a good 'community' resource for you!


Just information -- not conversation. Why? To keep the volume down, so we aren't inundated with e-mails.