Date:    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

From:    Gregg Swackhamer <pgswack@GMAIL.COM>

Subject: Glowscript files


It was told that Glowscript was mentioned on the Modeling list.


Glowscript is a really nice idea from Bruce Sherwood, Ruth Chabay, and

David Scherer. Glowscript runs in most browsers (Firefox better than IE)

and is a 3D world that can be populated with objects that move around

according to your program. Glowscript is the JavaScript language, which

runs in all browsers on all platforms, plus WebGL, which adds 3D

functionality. At least that's what I understand.


I have played around with Glowscript with the goal of enabling students to

deal with interactive simulations at home. It turns out that this is not so

simple after all. Some students don't have a functioning computer, and some

are not nearly as adept at using a browser on a desktop as they are on

their phone. And again, older computers run slower. As always, faster is

better. At any rate, some students are able to play around with the

simulations and others are not. Time is on our side, though. Eventually it

will work out, I think.


The other goal is to get students interested in programming. Some useful

programs can be very short and simple.


All of the Glowscripts I have played around with are at - /user/pgswack/folder/My_Programs/


It is not a pretty site, but there are some things in there that may be of

use to someone. All of the programs can be copied and pasted into your own

(free) account. Then you can make them better and more useful to your own



Caveat emptor. I am not a skillful programmer. But you may be able to see

possibilities to go forward. My dream world be to have simulations that

deal with the models of interest to us, simulations that students could

play with at home. Time will tell.