From: Lang, Robert

Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To: Modeling Workshop teachers

Subject: RE: Subject: Flipped classroom


A colleague of mine (both of us are Modelers) created a few videos this summer. We made sure that the videos were strictly "how-to" videos. One was on the use of the LabPro. Another was how to use the motion detector. A smaller series was how to use LoggerPro. We didn't create any videos that would distract from the class discussions. We created the videos for students that were absent on the day of instruction or needed to see how to use the equipment again during a future lab. Our Administration loves them!


Links to our videos are below:


Feel free to use them in your classes or as examples when you create your own!

Rob Lang

Glenbard South High School

Chris Aderhold

Glenbard East High School